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The US At A Crossroads

The elections of 2016 have been carefully crafted at the national level to expose the dominant factions in US society.

There is Donald Trump exposing the die-hard racists, fascists and haters. This group constitutes fully 40% of the voting white public.

Hillary Clinton exposes the neo-liberals aligned with Wall Street, the Pentagon and Israel.

Bernie Sanders exposes those democrats who want justice and equity for the less than powerful.

Now that the factions have identified themselves so clearly, the inevitable election of Hillary Clinton will allow the oligarchs free rein to isolate and control those who would oppose the ongoing strategic plan for world domination by western Caucasians.

Now that Trump has effectively self-destructed, Hillary is gaining support not only from Democrats, but from Republicans. The inevitable conclusion is that Hillary will be crowned Queen of the US in November. She is already talking about “unity.” The term refers to the whole of the US in its ongoing attempt to vanquish its perceived enemies and to extend its hegemony in the face of increasingly difficult odds.

For that push to have even the faintest chance of success, the citizenry must be united. The bruising primaries had the effect of identifying the points of disjuncture in the body politic. Now that the die-hard racists and fascists have been identified, the nation can take steps to neutralize them. Similarly with the evangelical purists. Their unremitting focus on social issues that promote fundamentalist Christianity over all other beliefs has been outlined in bold relief. They too must be neutralized if the nation is to unite.

Hillary's job, then, is to convince a united public to support the next big push to control the world. That means that within two years, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia will be allied in a major, if not a world-wide, conflict with some as yet unnamed enemy...likely Russia and its allies.